Monarch Shipping Company is a privately owned company in the Bahamas and operates in South Florida. Since 1994, Monarch Shipping Company has been dedicated to providing an outstanding service that is incomparable to others. We own and operate several RORO ships that have no need for shore cranes and equipment. As a RORO vessel operation, all cargo is driven on and off the ships which greatly reduces safety hazards and damages to cargo. We employ only the most experienced and safest operators, not only the safety for others but cargo handling as well.. We have the equipment and operators that can handle any type or condition of cargo.

Monarch Shipping Company’s location allows our clients to "Walk-In" without the hassle of having to go thru Security Gates or Pre-Book your cargo like other Ports. We also provide the Service of validating paperwork thru US Customs, so our clients do not have to, allowing you to save time and money! Contact Us- for more information and rates.

Monarch Queen

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